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Privacy Policy
Denham Memorial Hall Trust and its management committee, referred to within this document as the ‘Hall’ is committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of its hirers. That's why we want you know that we take actions we take to protect your privacy, and are committed to data security.
The Hall will not provide your personal information except as outlined in this Privacy Policy.
What information of yours do we collect?
When considering a booking The Hall the hirer must have a legitimate reason to hire the Hall and will have to conform to the conditions of hire.
The Hall will also need to confirm the following details of the hirer:
• Name
• Current address
• Current contact number and email address
• Proof of ID
• Reason for hire
• Dates and times of the hire
• Confirmation that hirer will obey the conditions of hire and payment schedules. (If there is any doubt and we feel the hire should not proceed and the Hall will reserve the right to not explain the reasons.)
Your consent and co-operation in providing this data is required in-order to offer and continue a booking with you.
In the event the booking does Not proceed, The Hall will delete this data.
With whom does The Company share the information that is collected?
The Hall will only use your information in connection with this hire or variations of it and it will not be shared with any third party without your consent (i.e. Tradesperson to effect repairs). In that case, The Company will seek assurance that your details are deleted by that party on completion of the purpose. If a legitimate enquiry by the proper authorities in connection with a legal action considered, your data maybe used and shared for this purpose under Legal obligations and legitimate interest and you will be notified in such cases. If we believe an illegal act has or will occur we are obliged to inform the authorities.
For further information or change of details, please contact:
Denham Memorial Hall, Village Road, Denham, Bucks. UB9 5BN
Registered Charity Number 202124
After the Corona Virus we lost a few regular hirers if you need a venue please contact the booking clerk.

Denham Village Memorial Hall
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Reg. Charity No. 202124
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